Offering Legal — And Life — Advice To Help You Through The Process

When individuals know they need the help of a family law attorney, they are usually feeling a whirlwind of emotions like anxiety, fear and apprehension, to name a few. Their family dynamic is or has changed. They are worried about their kids and their future.

Dealing with family law matters is often very emotional, even if it's a simple matter. At Hendrix & Steigner Attorneys at Law, we know this. Many of our clients are not only looking for family law assistance, they need life advice and counseling to help get through the process. And that's what we provide.

How do you find the right attorney? Start with some research and then ask questions. You can learn more about our family of South Carolina attorneys by clicking here.

Relaxed, Office Environment

Our office is located in a quiet, relaxed office setting in West Columbia. It was a former residential home that we have made our law practice where we, as a family of attorney, handle many types of family law matters, including divorce, property and debt division, and issues related to children, such as custody, visitation and support.

Adoption Support

We handle adoption, including stepparent adoptions and DSS foster care adoptions. We also handle matters relating to termination of parental rights.

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Each with over 20 years of legal experience, our lawyers are confident we can assist you. Call our office today at 803-200-2937 to schedule a consultation to talk about how we can help you resolve your family law matter.

Spanish translation services available.