Handling Child-Related Family Law Matters Through Mediation Or Litigation

Ask any parents, and they will likely say that their children are the forefront of their lives. And, in the event parents split up and divorce, that still remains true.

At Hendrix & Steigner Attorneys at Law, we understand just how stressful a divorce can be when children are involved. We know that parents want what's best for their kids, but at the same time, want to make sure they have custody rights and a say over their upbringing.

A Wide Range Of Assistance For West Columbia

Our lawyers have been assisting many clients located in West Columbia and throughout Central South Carolina with many different types of legal matters, including child custody, support and visitation.

Our founding attorney, Carolyn B. Steigner, has extensive knowledge in the family law arena. Over the years, she has written articles and lectured at seminars on a variety of topics relating to family law.


She also handles mediation and was in fact one of the first attorneys to become certified as a mediator. Through mediation, couples often come to an agreement on child custody, visitation and support matters that are less expensive and less formal than via litigation.

A Family Run Law Firm To Help You

If you need assistance handling a child custody or support matter, reach out to our South Carolina firm to learn how we can help. We are a family run law firm, working together to help other families during stressful times. Learn more about us.

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