Making Sure The Numbers Are Correct

South Carolina uses a child support guidelines calculator to reach a monthly support order. While this may sound simple, mistakes are common and can be costly.

At Hendrix & Steigner Attorneys at Law, we have been helping West Columbia families for more than 20 years with these types of issues. Our lawyers know how important it is to reach a fair monthly child support payment whether you will be paying or receiving it in the future.

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A correct initial determination is crucial, because it is usually more difficult to obtain a modification down the road. Another reason to seek legal counsel is to ensure income figures are correct. This can be difficult when one parent is self-employed or has exhibited any behavior that might indicate hidden assets and may tie into the broader divorce and property division process.

We also help unmarried couples to resolve child support issues through the paternity actions when necessary.

Benefits Of Mediation

Our founding attorney, Carolyn B. Steigner, has significant experience handling child custody, visitation and child support issues. She is also certified as a mediator and can explain how mediation might be an option to resolve tough child-related issues.

Even if all of the disputes cannot be resolved in mediation, it can be a way to reduce the number of issues that must be litigated.

Long-Term, Workable Solutions

Resolving the issues that impact how much time you spend with children or what amount of money you will receive or pay to support them is difficult. Our West Columbia child support lawyers can identify potential issues and protect your rights.

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