Handling Medical Errors For West Columbia And Surrounding Areas

Under the law, medical professionals in South Carolina and all across the country have a duty to their patients to provide the care and treatment provided and expected by professionals in the area of medical they practice. Sadly, many physicians fail to provide such a duty, causing unnecessary injury, and in some cases death, to patients.

Types Of Medical Malpractice Errors

Physician and hospital errors are countless. Common errors include:

  • A failure to properly diagnose a condition, which can and often results in deadly consequences due a lack of proper and timely treatment
  • Recommending needless testing, which can increase cancer risks and cause kidney damage and infection
  • Serious adverse events that should never happen, including operations on the wrong body part, medical instruments left inside patients post surgery, or severe staph infection caused by acute contaminated equipment

Working Together To Help Victims

Fortunately, victims and their families have options. The law allows injured parties to file civil lawsuits against doctors and hospital staff who act negligently and cause injury.

At Hendrix & Steigner Attorneys at Law, we each have over 20 years of experience handling many types of personal injury matters for West Columbia and Central South Carolina, including medical malpractice cases. But we are a different type of firm. We are a family. We don't just work in the same office. We work together. Our clients get the benefit of multiple attorneys and their knowledge, not just one.

A Call For Reinforcement

Given the complex nature of medical negligence claims, we also often work with outside professionals. From insurance companies to those from the medical community to other attorneys, we have and do look in every direction for help if that's what is needed to get our clients the best result possible.

If you or a loved one suffered injury and believe it was the result of a medical error, email our firm or call 803-200-2937 to set up an appointment to speak with one of our lawyers.