Helping Central South Carolina With Probate And Estate Administration Matters

Many people assume estate planning documents are only for wealthy people. But there are many different types of documents that are created for many different reasons — and they have nothing to do with wealth at all.

Benefits Of A Will

A will, for instance, is an estate planning tool that outlines your wishes regarding different aspects of your life. It can discuss the distribution of a family heirloom, or the individuals who you wish to care for your young children, or how you want to be buried, among many others.

Benefits Of Creating A Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is another estate planning tool that benefits everyone. It allows another individual, referred to as an attorney-in-fact, to make decisions on your behalf in the event of incapacitation or death. There are different types.

A health care power of attorney, for instance, is an individual tasked with making decisions relating to your health or medical affairs if you cannot.

Assistance With Estate Planning Documents

If you are looking for peace of mind knowing that the right people will take the right actions regarding your person and property in the event you pass away, reach out to our Central South Carolina legal team.

We can discuss your wishes and the most appropriate estate planning documents you'll need to carry out those wishes. We are a close-knit, family run law firm with each attorney having over 20 years of experience practicing law.

Probate And Estate Administration

Our lawyers also handle matters involving estate administration, the process involved with closing up the estate of a loved one who has passed away. In many cases, an executor of an estate is named. But, it is often a family member who feels overwhelmed with carrying out the tasks, particularly in the wake of the grieving process.

At Hendrix & Steigner, we often assist with tallying assets and debts and distributing property as stipulated under a will.

We Can Help

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