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Your loved one's fall might have been medical malpractice

Deciding to entrust a nursing home with the care of your elderly parent may be one of the hardest decisions you ever have to make. Even if your parent agrees that moving to a nursing home is for the best, you will likely still worry about his or her emotional and physical well-being.

While many nursing home facilities in South Carolina provide excellent care, all it takes is one negligent health care worker to change matters forever. Falls are some of the most serious medical malpractice accidents that can occur in residential facilities.

Doctors from South Carolina test breakthrough brain injury model

Even though doctors may have done all they could in the past to treat patients who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, they were limited in their understanding of how these injuries progress. Recently, doctors from Medical University of South Carolina tested a new model that may help answer some of the questions behind these injuries and how they have such a negative impact on patients' lives. The results have offered hope to those who may suffer these injuries in the future through car accidents or any other injury.

The two researchers developed a model that could provide an accurate measurement of the reactions of brain cells whenever they are exposed to the effects of a rise in intra-cranial pressure that often stems from a type of brain injury. They constructed a 3D model that allowed them to test the effects of a rise in pressure on the brain cells and how those cells responded over time. They discovered that prolonged exposure to this pressure resulted in an increase in a hormone that signals stress and the deterioration of those cells.

Workers' compensation legal assistance may be required at times

Regardless of one's occupation, a serious injury can occur at any time and without warning. Though the vast majority of injured employees have a valid claim for benefits, at times, one may need workers' compensation legal assistance in order to get a claim processed successfully. South Carolina residents who have been injured on the job may qualify for these benefits.

Recently, one man suffered what were described by one account as serious injuries while on a job site. The report stated that the man was employed with a plumbing company that had been contracted through another business to provide assistance in completing a building project. During a short break in the afternoon, the worker retired to a portable toilet that was on-site.

Should IQ be a consideration in child custody matters?

There are many reasons why a parent may find themselves fighting to retain their parental rights -- either because of a divorce or allegations of abuse or neglect. However, there are reportedly many parents who find themselves fighting for their child custody rights even when they do not pose a danger to their children. There may be families in South Carolina who face these difficult situations simply because they suffer from intellectual disabilities.

One couple has been fighting for their son for the past four years. They purportedly came to the attention of the Department of Child Protective Services when an acquaintance claimed that the father was unable to recognize when the days-old infant was hungry or soiled. The report also alleged that the father almost rolled over onto the child when the two were lying on the floor together. CPS removed the child and are in the process of attempting to terminate the parental rights of the couple.

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