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Provider and patient advocates seek to reduce medical malpractice

The prospect of suffering harm from trusted physicians seldom enters the minds of ailing patients. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 80,000 patients die from medical malpractice in the United States every year. To that end, it may benefit South Carolina residents to seek additional information after receiving any diagnosis. 

In an effort to reduce the numbers of misdiagnoses, approximately 40 provider and patient advocates launched a project intended to study the six key areas where the majority of mistakes are made. The 24-month initiative will examine how mistakes occur while attempting to revamp the diagnostic process. Six contributing factors have been identified as the main causes of most misdiagnoses

Balance issues could impact your life after a TBI

Balance often plays an important role in people's lives. Some individuals may think of creating a work-life balance when this topic comes to mind, but physical balance is also important in life. Without it, you may struggle with simple tasks or find yourself feeling suddenly disoriented, which can prove unsettling.

Unfortunately, many individuals have trouble with balance after suffering a traumatic brain injury. You may have recently suffered this type of injury after a car accident, and you could still be finding ways that that injury has affected your life. When it come to your balance, you may understandably have concerns.

Divorce can include some unexpected surprises

In the vast majority of situations, the decision to marry is more or less straightforward with the biggest decisions possibly involving wedding plans. When it comes to divorce, though, there may be many surprises for the parties involved. South Carolina residents have state laws to abide by, but along with these guidelines, there are elements that many may not have anticipated.

Family law professionals shared some of the unexpected aspects that accompany the typical divorce filing. One of the first surprises may be that the process is much longer than the parties may have realized. Some states, including South Carolina, require a separation period before one can even petition for divorce. Along with that waiting period, the entire process may take months as hearings and discovery time are subject to scheduling delays. In addition to the length of time it takes to divorce, there is likely copious amounts of paperwork that will need to be completed.

Resolving child custody issues through mediation

Unless you have a compelling reason to use the courts in order to resolve your custody issues, you more than likely want to stay out of a South Carolina courtroom. You probably did some research regarding how a contentious divorce or child custody battle can do more harm to your children than good.

You then began looking for a viable alternative to court but wonder whether anything will work, since you and your future ex-spouse don't seem to fit the picture of friendship the media portrays. Fortunately, you don't have to be best friends in order to reach a mutually satisfactory child custody agreement outside of court.

Families who lose loved ones may have right to wrongful death

The late summer and early fall are often attractive seasons for those who enjoy going for strolls in the evening. Unfortunately, no matter one's age or experience, the decision to walk along the roadways can prove to be a choice with deadly consequences. Those families who lose loved ones in fatal accidents in South Carolina may have a valid reason in certain situations to file a wrongful death civil suit.

According to a recent report, South Carolina officials were called to the scene of an accident where an older woman was struck by a passing car. The report indicated that the 62-year-old victim was strolling down a local road in the northbound lane while headed in a southerly direction. Purportedly, a vehicle traveling south made the decision to pass another vehicle.

Do child custody orders represent the best interest of the child?

During the break-up of the marital home, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. When it comes to child custody, one of the most widely used terms is what plan is in the "best interest of the child/children"? While South Carolina has laws that permit joint custody, it is unclear how many children are given this option.

Sadly, in spite of exhaustive research, it appears that many family courts across the country are still falling back on custody orders that do not truly meet the best needs of the children. Researchers have determined that children who are permitted to spend nearly equal time with both parents appear to be as well-off emotionally as children who reside in an intact home. Unfortunately, a study conducted in one state -- that is supposedly representative of the rest of the country -- is failing to provide children of divorced parents with shared custody agreements.

Can common mistakes derail your estate plan?

South Carolina residents understand the importance of estate planning, but there are certain common mistakes that can cause serious issues in the future. When there are mistakes with an estate plan, it can make it difficult for loved ones and beneficiaries in the future. You may find it beneficial to evaluate your plan and ensure common mistakes will not derail your efforts.

Estate planning involves much more than just deciding who gets what after you pass. It is an important step, and it is smart to have experienced legal guidance as you walk through this process. Estate plans are for everyone, despite income, age and the value of the estate.

Family wins medical malpractice suit over woman's disability

When one comes down with a serious illness, medical providers are trusted to find a remedy that brings relief and healing. Unfortunately, that trust can be misplaced when a doctor fails to properly diagnosis or treat a patient, which can result in serious and permanent complications. South Carolina residents who have been victims of negligent care may have a basis for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Recently, a jury decided in favor of a family whose loved one suffered permanent and debilitating complications from an incorrect diagnosis and treatment protocol. According to the lawsuit, in 2013, a woman sought care from her local hospital after complaining of not feeling well. After the medical staff ran a series of tests, they announced that she was suffering from a brain tumor.

What factors should you consider when drafting a parenting plan?

Child custody is often one of the most complex and difficult subjects to agree upon during divorce. South Carolina parents are understandably concerned with the well-being and best interests of their children, and one way to specifically address these issues is to design a thoughtful and practical parenting plan. This can allow you more control over your post-divorce future.

Parents have the right to work together to draft a parenting plan that works specifically for the needs of their individual family. There are important factors to consider when working on your plan and custody arrangement in order to ensure your plan will work well for years to come. Being thoughtful and thorough now can reduce the chance of conflict and issues in the future.

Drunk driving in South Carolina can lead to serious consequences

Young people are taught from an early age that drinking and driving is a recipe for disaster. In South Carolina, drunk driving can result in either a serious crash or other severe consequences for the driver or for innocent victims. There are a range of penalties for drivers who violate these laws based on the number of charges or level of intoxication.

The legal limit to be considered impaired by alcohol in South Carolina is 0.08. For those who hold a commercial driver's license, the limit is 0.04. If a youth under the age of 21 is stopped on suspicions of impaired driving, the limit is 0.02. It should be noted that, in this state, a DUI can be applied to either alcohol or another illegal substance consumption if it impairs one's ability to operate a vehicle.  

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