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Mother wins medical malpractice suit over infant's death

There are few tragedies in life that can compare to the unexpected loss of a loved one. When a death is believed to have been caused due to medical malpractice, that may only compound the pain. Anyone in South Carolina facing these tragic circumstances has options for legal recourse.

Recently, a bereaved mother won her civil suit that she filed against a pediatric group that she believed was responsible for the death of her month-old child. According to the lawsuit, the woman was concerned about her infant's health and suspected the baby had contracted a bacterial infection. She requested on several occasions  that the baby be tested for pertussis.

When you can't keep up with child support payments

When you filed for divorce, you knew the court would likely order you to pay child support and were ready and willing to do so because you want what's best for your kids. After all, you were planning to get divorced not abdicate your responsibilities or obligations as a parent. At the time, you were in good health and earning a decent income that you believed could help you provide for your children's post-divorce financial needs.  

Like most divorced parents in South Carolina, you understand that life often includes unexpected changes that negatively affect your ability to meet expenses, such as child support payments. Hopefully, you're familiar enough with state law to know that you can't simply stop making payments because you're facing a financial crisis. If a court order exists, you must continue to adhere to its terms unless and until the court grants a modification. There are several factors to keep in mind if you plan to request a new payment amount

Post carefully when discussing divorce on social media

Just a decade ago, most people would use the telephone or social occasions to share news of family events. However, with the advent of social media sites such as Facebook, many people generally update friends and family through posts and photos. When it comes to sharing divorce news, it may be prudent for South Carolina residents to exercise some restraint on these internet platforms.

In many ways, social media has completely changed how people communicate with one another. This may be one reason it has become almost commonplace for people to seek public support whenever they are going through a trying time or have news to celebrate. Though the temptation to share news of an impending divorce may feel like a natural thing to do, some professional counselors advise that one wait until any emotional crisis has passed before sharing updates that could be troublesome in the future.

Bus crash sends several students and adult victims to hospital

One of the privileges of participating in school activities is the ability to travel to other areas for performances and special events. Unfortunately, that privilege can come at a steep price when an unexpected bus crash results in serious injuries. One recent school trip ended with the bus going off the highway in South Carolina.

The students and adult chaperones were returning from a chorus trip to a popular tourist destination. The group was traveling in two chartered buses that were headed north along Interstate 95 around 1 a.m. For reasons that are yet unclear, one of the bus drivers purportedly lost control of the vehicle and careened off of the northbound side of the highway. The vehicle plowed through the cable barriers and then traveled across the southbound lanes. The bus finally came to rest headed down an embankment just short of crashing into several large trees.

Schools play role in protecting children in child custody dispute

When parents divorce, children often get caught in the crossfire. One of the most difficult situations to resolve for all involved parties are child custody disputes. South Carolina residents who are struggling to settle these issues can also enlist the aid of their child's school whenever there are concerns for a child's safety.

Two years ago, a grandmother was caught on school property in an alleged attempt to kidnap her grandchild. Officials later discovered several items in her possession, including ropes and food items. In another incident, a noncustodial mother purportedly convinced her child to get close to the school's boundary fencing so that she could attempt to drive away with the child. Both scenarios underscore the need for schools to play a role in protecting students during custody battles.

Car crash could easily lead to a life-changing spinal cord injury

Throughout life, you likely expected certain events to take place that would change your life forever. While some of these events may have been positive ones to consider, such as starting a new career or having a child, you may have instead found your life changed in a way you never imagined. For instance, if you are involved in a serious accident, the injuries you suffered could leave you having to consider your life in a new way.

In particular, a spinal cord injury often leads to permanent damage that typically requires you to learn new ways to complete tasks, prevents you from participating in once-loved activities or even leads to a need for continuous care. Because these issues can greatly impact your enjoyment of life and your financial affairs, you may wonder whether a personal injury claim could help you seek compensation for these damages.

Distracted driving a major factor in motor vehicle wrecks

Even before the invention of cellular phones, drivers have often allowed activities to take their focus off of the road. Unfortunately, the advances of technology have increased distracted driving -- even though motorists admit it is a serious problem. In an effort to combat this growing problem, South Carolina and other states are looking at ways to educate drivers.

A recent study revealed how wide spread distracted driving has become. The report, the 2018 Travelers Risk Index, highlighted the growing discrepancy between motorists understanding of the dangers of inattentive driving and their behavior behind the wheel. More than 85 percent acknowledged that distracted driving poses a serious risk, but approximately 40 percent admitted they often allowed technology to take their attention while driving. These motorists estimated that for every hour they were behind the wheel, about one-quarter of that time was spent focusing on phones or other devices.

The divorce process may include surprising financial information

Generations ago, many women allowed their husbands to handle the financial affairs of their marriage. In reality, a marriage thrives with active participation from both spouses, especially when it comes to finances. After a divorce is initiated, many spouses may be unpleasantly surprised by the knowledge that their finances were not as solid as they had believed. South Carolina residents who are preparing for a divorce may seek assistance in collecting all relevant information, as doing so can ensure a sound financial future. 

According to a recent financial publication, many women seem to lack full knowledge of marital finances until after a divorce has been initiated. In spite of all the work that women have undertaken to ensure that they have equal rights, there appears to be a willingness on the part of many wives to not be involved in the investment side of their marriage. While the report indicated that women from the baby boomer generation tended to be less involved in handling the finances, it appears that women of all ages may still not be taking an active role in these important matters. 

To keep or not to keep: Divorce and the family home

If you are going through the end of a marriage, you may have concerns about how the outcome of the situation will impact your future. With a variety of difficult decisions to consider, divorce can seem a stressful and daunting process, and you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in need of advice.

One of the areas that could be giving you cause for concern is the process of property distribution. While deciding which assets you feel are important to life moving forward, you could be wondering if you should pursue ownership of the family home.

Jury finds doctor culpable in medical malpractice death

One of the most important relationships in the lives of South Carolina residents is the one they forge with their family doctor. Though the vast majority of patients place their trust in their care providers, that trust can be misplaced when an important diagnosis is missed. Recently, a jury in a medical malpractice case determined that a physician was negligent.

The suit was filed on behalf of a deceased patient who died of kidney cancer at the end of 2014. According to the testimony and records that were presented during the trial, the patient, who was 54 when he died, could possibly have been cured of the disease had his primary care provider pursued testing after a suspicious urinalysis result in 2009. This test revealed the presence of red blood cells in the urine after routine testing for an unrelated health condition.

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