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Grandparents awarded child custody of transgender teenager

In the majority of disputes over who should be the primary caregiver of a child, the parties usually involved consist of the biological mother and father. There are others types of child custody cases, however, and a family court judge is often in the position to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected. South Carolina residents who find themselves in a conflict over these issues may be best served by contacting an attorney before any formal hearings.

Recently, a family court judge decided that awarding custody of a 17-year-old teenager to the grandparents was the best course. The dispute arose over the issue of whether the teenager should be permitted to pursue hormone treatments in order to accommodate his feelings of identifying as a male. The teen's parents purportedly refused to allow the treatments in spite of the opinions of medical providers.

Problems with your estate plan can be problems for loved ones

South Carolina readers know that estate planning is a smart step for everyone, regardless of income level or the amount of personal assets. However, having an estate plan in place may not be effective due to mistakes and other issues. It could be beneficial for you to review your plans and take steps to ensure you avoid certain errors in the estate-planning process.

When there is a mistake with an estate plan, it can cause significant problems for heirs and beneficiaries. It can lead to legal disputes and problems as your loved ones seek to distribute the assets of your estate. You have the right to decide what will happen to your hard-earned assets and money, yet a mistake in your estate plan could make it more difficult for your beneficiaries to actually receive what you intended for them to have.

Medical negligence attorneys help settle massive case

Facing a surgical procedure is often an unsettling prospect that can provoke fears of all kinds for patients. In the event a medical provider causes greater harm, South Carolina residents can seek the assistance of medical negligence attorneys. Recently, approximately 260 patients were able to finally settle a case that had begun more than a year ago.

According to the report, the case was settled for an estimated $45 million. The 260 patients had all suffered some physical harm at the hands of surgeon who purportedly committed countless errors while also seeking to his increase his billings. The surgeon, Dr. Spyros Panos, was recently released after serving just under three years of a 54-month sentence for felony medical insurance fraud. Patients expressed disappointment that the physician was only criminally prosecuted for the monetary side of his alleged malpractice.

States looking for family to take on child custody duties

The drug addiction crisis has shown no signs of subsiding anytime soon. It appears that no one is immune to the problems it causes, including the youngest victims -- the children of addicted parents. While every state -- including South Carolina -- has been affected to some degree by this harrowing problem, a few states are looking for creative ways to address the issue of child custody for those caught in the middle.

Over the past few years, a federal program has been initiated in a few states that is providing funding for relatives to be located in an attempt to place children with family members. One state in particular is using all available means to locate and contact family members for children whose parents are unable to provide a suitable home. Officials stated that an estimated 15,500 children were received into its foster care system in 2017 due to parents who have been affected by the problems relating to addiction -- including incarceration. Unfortunately, the state only has about half that many foster homes available.

South Carolina officer faces charges after fatal crash

Police officers are expected to uphold the laws that keep the public safe from various crimes and dangerous situations. Unfortunately, there are times when these public servants are suspected of making decisions that actually put others in danger. According to official documents, one South Carolina police officer is now being held liable for causing the death of an innocent resident.

The charges against the police officer stem from a vehicle chase that ended in a crash. According to the report, the 26-year-old officer was in pursuit of an allegedly stolen car. Though there was no information provided as to the speeds that the chase reached, at some point in the chase, the officer's car collided with one being driven by a 22-year-old college student.

Does your post-surgical x-ray look like it's from a horror movie?

You probably have heard stories about surgeons leaving objects behind in patients after surgery, but you never thought it could happen to you. When you underwent your surgical procedure, you probably trusted the surgical team to do its job correctly, which included making sure that nothing was left in your body that didn't belong.

After the procedure, you may have experienced extreme pain, infection, fever or swelling, among other symptoms. Upon examination and imaging tests such as x-rays, doctors told you that they discovered a foreign object left behind by the surgical team. Now, you face an additional surgery to remove the object, which puts you at risk for further health complications. In addition, the surgeon needs to make sure that the object didn't cause any damage to your organs.

South Carolina woman still being held for wreck that killed man

Those who ride motorcycles are aware of the many hazards that they face, and most take care to drive defensively. Unfortunately, even the most diligent rider cannot prevent every accident, especially when another motorist is driving while impaired. One South Carolina man lost his life after an allegedly impaired woman struck his motorcycle.

The 22-year-old woman who was charged in the wreck was recently granted the opportunity to post bond in connection with the deadly collision that occurred last September. Though bond was initially denied, a judge recently set it at $100,000 along with several conditions the woman must follow. At the time of the report, the woman had not yet paid the required amount to be released from police custody.

Some couples may document divorce with a selfie

With the ever-growing popularity of social media sites that allow more people than ever to share details about their lives, there is no end to the types of photographs that users will post. Recently, there has been a trend of proclaiming the news of a divorce through the use of a self-portrait image. Since the divorce rate has remained fairly constant over the past few years, there are likely many South Carolina residents who will be seeking a dissolution of their own.

Photographs are one way in which momentous moments are chronicled. Social media sites are full of images that are posted by account holders, especially the type of picture that features the camera holder and is referred to as a selfie. Selfies are usually the preferred method of sharing a funny or sad moment with one's friends and family who are connected on the site. One sociology professor stated that the use of a selfie to announce the end of a marriage may be a positive step for a spouse facing divorce.

3 Tips for dealing with high-conflict divorce

No divorce is easy, but it can become particularly challenging with an ex-partner who turns every issue into a fight. Maybe this person thrives on drama, or sees every compromise as a lost battle in the war to “win” the divorce.

Whatever the reasons, getting through a high-conflict divorce requires skilled help, both legally and emotionally. Here are just a few tips on how to deal with high-conflict divorce.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere: That might place you at risk for injury

Are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? If so, then the song lyric contained in the title of this post is likely familiar to you. If not, you may have heard it in reference to after-work drinks or reasons to pop a cold beer even if it's early afternoon wherever you happen to be. It's true that after 5 o'clock, there may be more drunk drivers on the road, making extra caution necessary while you're driving home from work or heading out on the town with friends.

Knowing how to recognize a drunk motorist may help save your life. On the other hand, even if you're aware of all the red flag signals that a motorist may be operating a vehicle under impairment, there may be little to nothing you can do to avoid an accident. Either way, it's good to be able to identify a drunk driver when you see one, as well as know where to turn for support when needed.

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