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When negligence threatens your child's safety

Do you remember the joy of taking your child on his or her first car rides? You can probably relate to many parents who say time seems to fly when it comes to watching a child grow in knowledge and stature. One minute you're holding a tiny infant in your arms, and the next, he or she is chatting up a storm from the backseat of your car as the two of your take a jaunt to your local library or go for a picnic in one of the beautiful parks South Carolina has to offer.

Keeping your son or daughter as safe as possible is likely one of your main priorities during these and all other motor vehicle excursions. Many times, acting with caution, remaining alert and reacting competently and swiftly to road conditions and other motorists is enough to prevent accidents and help you and your child arrive safely to your destinations.

Helpful child safety tips

New data and recommendations are very commonplace with the intent to help keep children safe while riding as passengers in motor vehicles. That said, did you know that approximately 26 percent of children age eight or younger who suffered fatal injuries in vehicular collisions in 2014 were not properly restrained at the times their accidents occurred? The following information may help improve child vehicle safety:

  • A child age 13 or younger is more likely to suffer serious and/or fatal injuries while riding in the front passenger seat of a vehicle; therefore, the back seat has been is safest.
  • Various locations throughout the nation host certified child passenger safety technicians who provide information and guidance aimed to teach parents and other adults safe vehicle transportation skills for children.
  • Many fire stations, insurance companies and other facilities serve as permanent inspection centers where a concerned adult may request inspection of child restraint devices in a particular vehicle.

There are many other resources available to raise awareness and provide education of child safety-related issues online and via various motor vehicle and state agencies. You might be thinking that you can do your very best as a parent to keep your child from harm, but if a drunk driver or another negligent motorist takes to the road, a sudden tragedy might still occur.

Nothing can replace a child's life

If you are one of many parents who have suffered the unfathomable loss of your son or daughter due to a person's choice to drink alcohol then drive, fail to adhere to traffic regulations or commit some other reckless act behind the wheel, you already understand the pain and emotional trauma others have experienced in similar past situations. Nothing can replace the loss of human life.

Overcoming the unbearable grief and sorrow you've experienced may be possible over time, but those who have trod the path of mourning know the journey is often long and arduous. To make matters worse, many distraught parents end up facing looming financial disasters in the aftermaths of collisions that took their children's lives. The following resources have often helped grieving families and may prove beneficial to you in your time of need:

  • Many churches and secular communities provide support groups for parents whose lives have been forever changed by the unexpected and untimely deaths of their children.
  • Hospitals often have patient advocates who can guide parents through the process of finalizing medical issues and addressing any unresolved matters if a child accident victim succumbs to his or her injuries while in the hospital residence.
  • There are skilled personal injury attorneys who have fought for justice on the behalves of many distraught families to hold those liable legally accountable for their negligence.

By reaching out to a compassionate, experienced legal team, you can obtain information regarding how to file a wrongful death claim in a civil court. Through aggressive litigation, your attorney may be able to obtain compensation that can help you offset exorbitant expenses associated with the fatal accident that caused your family to suffer.

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