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Intersection danger: Is your family at risk?

Anytime you travel on a South Carolina road (or any other road in the nation, for that matter), you're at risk for an accident. Whether you are the one behind the wheel, are sitting in the backseat as a passenger in someone's car, riding a bicycle or taking a stroll across town, there is an obvious inherent risk associated with all forms of road navigation. According to the National Safety Council, some road locations are more dangerous than others.

For instance, do you know more than half of all motor vehicle crashes happen at intersections? Since most towns have several intersections and you are likely to cross through one or more as you make your way to your destination, the following information might help you avoid a crossroads accident.

Types of Intersections

Listed below are two very different types of intersections. Keeping the difference in mind and paying close attention to which type you are crossing may lower your risk for injury and help keep your family and others in the vicinity as safe as possible.

· Controlled intersections: Stop signs or traffic lights often direct travelers at at these intersections. Of course, motorists and pedestrians are obligated to adhere to such signals at all times. Serious accidents can occur if a negligent driver blows through a red light or fails to come to a complete stop when necessary.

· Uncontrolled intersections: Not all intersections have stop signs or traffic signals. You've probably been in situations where you come to a four-way crossing and several drivers try to make eye contact and simultaneously react to make sure everyone gets through safely. These are uncontrolled intersections, and they are typically the most dangerous.

To minimize chances of an accident, it's crucial to approach all intersections with caution. It's generally not a good idea to enter a crossroad where the exit on the other side is blocked for some reason. In such situations, it may help to avoid collision to stay at the entrance until the throughway and exits are clear.

Beware driver negligence

You or the person driving the car you are riding in at the time may be as alert and careful as can be and still be at risk for injury if someone nearby is negligent. Following are some of the most common consequences of such behavior:

· Pedestrian accidents: A nice day of bike riding or a lunch break walk through town can become tragic if a nearby motorist is careless when crossing an intersection.

· Head-on crashes: Many intersection collisions involve one driver who fails to pay attention or acts recklessly in some way then winds up smashing into the front end of a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

· T-bone collisions: Someone trying to beat a red light or failing to yield a right-of-way is likely to hit another car at an angle if he or she attempts a turn in the process.

There's often a lot happening in many directions at once in an intersection. If you or your loved one suffer injury because of an aggressive or otherwise negligent driver, you will likely need medical attention and time to recover at home. Depending on your circumstances, this might cause strain in other areas, such as finances or work. In the past, many recovering accident victims have been able to hold legally accountable those responsible for their injuries by seeking monetary judgments against them in civil court.

How to go about doing so is not always common knowledge among people with no background in the civil justice system. An experienced personal injury attorney would be able to answer your questions, address any concerns you might have regarding your particular claim, and act on your behalf in seeking compensation for damages associated with your injury.

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