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Misdiagnosis, improper treatment can be a hard pill to swallow

When you feel unwell, you often have the ability to determine when that feeling deserves medical attention. You may know when you have a common sickness, such as a cold, that over-the-counter medication can treat, but other times, you may feel that your symptoms could point to a more serious issue. As a result, you may find yourself heading to the doctor in order to identify and understand what illness you may have.

You likely trust your doctor to consider your symptoms and come up with a diagnosis. Unfortunately, even after treatment, you may find yourself facing a situation in which your illness does not get better as it should. This type of predicament could potentially point to medical malpractice.


A common issue that could lead to your continued illness relates to the diagnosis. If your doctor or other necessary medical staff fails to diagnose your illness properly, you could continue to get worse. Depending on the severity of the ailment, you could face severe health implications or even death.

Several conditions could cause concerns over whether your doctors took the proper steps when coming up with your diagnosis. For instance, if your doctor suspected multiple ailments, he or she should have created a list of possibilities from most likely to least likely. If the doctor did not include your actual illness on the list or did include it and ruled it out too soon, you may have cause to pursue a malpractice claim.

Incorrect treatment

After a misdiagnosis, the doctor probably prescribed medication or other treatment to attend to the illness with which he or she diagnosed you. As a result, you could undergo procedures that not only fail to improve your health but also increase your risk of suffering unnecessary harm from those procedures. Additionally, your actual illness could continue to worsen, as you did not receive the correct treatment for that undiagnosed issue.

Undergoing the wrong treatment could also result even if you received the correct diagnosis. The doctor may prescribe the wrong medication or procedures for the right problem. Under such circumstances, you could still suffer unnecessarily.

Taking action

Because suffering from an untreated or improperly treated illness can cause significant damage to your health, you may want to consider ways in which to obtain compensation for those outcomes. If you believe medical malpractice contributed to your continued suffering and further sickness, you may wish to look into your legal options. Filing a claim could allow you to pursue restitution from the parties considered at fault.

Speaking with an experienced South Carolina attorney could allow you to gain more information on this option. Additionally, this legal professional could help you understand strategies for proving malpractice and what compensation you could potentially recover.

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