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January 2018 Archives

Some couples may document divorce with a selfie

With the ever-growing popularity of social media sites that allow more people than ever to share details about their lives, there is no end to the types of photographs that users will post. Recently, there has been a trend of proclaiming the news of a divorce through the use of a self-portrait image. Since the divorce rate has remained fairly constant over the past few years, there are likely many South Carolina residents who will be seeking a dissolution of their own.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere: That might place you at risk for injury

Are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? If so, then the song lyric contained in the title of this post is likely familiar to you. If not, you may have heard it in reference to after-work drinks or reasons to pop a cold beer even if it's early afternoon wherever you happen to be. It's true that after 5 o'clock, there may be more drunk drivers on the road, making extra caution necessary while you're driving home from work or heading out on the town with friends.

Preventable medical errors are third leading cause of death

For most South Carolina patients, going to the doctor when you are sick is the obvious thing to do. However, a recent study might lead some to think twice. Medical errors occur at an alarmingly high rate and current tracking methods make it easy for institutions to keep things under wraps.

Why brain injury legal assistance may be needed for some victims

Most South Carolina residents go about their daily activities without worrying about how a serious accident could impact them or their loved ones for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, not every tragedy can be foreseen or prevented and a serious accident could result in catastrophic injuries and an altered lifestyle. Due to the severity of certain physical damages, it may be necessary to seek brain injury legal assistance in certain circumstances.

Knowing the risks could prove crucial to workplace safety

Many companies in South Carolina place a great deal of importance on maintaining a safe and hazard free workplace environment. Regardless of the field in which you operate, chances are, your employer likely has videos and pamphlets on workplace safety that are a part of the hiring process.

Some couples using new technology when considering divorce

It is estimated that approximately half of marriages will not last. While the odds of getting a divorce have not changed dramatically over the past several years, there are some warring couples who are purportedly using new technology in the their quest to gather incriminating evidence. While the majority of South Carolina residents may not resort to such devices, there are questions over the legality of such tools.

Common causes of car accident fatalities

There is nothing anyone can say or do to remove your sorrow as you mourn the death of a loved one. Even in situations where death is imminent and family members have time to come to terms with the likelihood that a particular situation is going to end in death (such as in late stages of cancer or other terminal illness) it's never easy to lose a close family member.

Some South Carolina veterans may have been harmed by VA policies

Those who have served their country deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, especially when it comes to providing ill and aging veterans with appropriate medical care. Unfortunately, it has come to light that the Veterans' Affairs hiring practices may have placed veterans everywhere, including here in South Carolina, at risk. There are now repeated calls from congressional members to revise the agency's policy of hiring medical providers with licensing issues.

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