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Why brain injury legal assistance may be needed for some victims

Most South Carolina residents go about their daily activities without worrying about how a serious accident could impact them or their loved ones for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, not every tragedy can be foreseen or prevented and a serious accident could result in catastrophic injuries and an altered lifestyle. Due to the severity of certain physical damages, it may be necessary to seek brain injury legal assistance in certain circumstances.

There is no one type of traumatic brain injury nor is there any way to predict how such a devastating injury will impact every victim. Due to the fact that every individual's brain is wired in different ways according to one's lifestyle, genetic makeup and other factors, every injury is different. It is also no longer common to speak of recovery with these types of damages, as the effects of these wounds can linger and change over the course of the victim's life. There are three main ways that a person's life may be impacted.

The most common area where a victim will experience the effects of these injuries is in the cognitive functions of their brains. Professionals often refer to these affects as interrupting a victim's ability to be the 'executive' of his or her own life as there could be wide-ranging impacts on a person's ability to reason, problem solve and determine outcomes. In addition, an injured person may suffer physical impairments such as difficulty walking, maintaining bowel control and may experience difficulties in the five senses.

Lastly, victims may undergo personality changes and in how they respond emotionally to different stimuli. Overall, if one has suffered a moderate to severe traumatic head injury, then life may never be the same. As a result, there may need to be drastic changes made to the surrounding environment as well as ongoing physical and mental therapy to cope with the effects. If the injury occurred through the negligence of another party, then South Carolina victims may benefit from seeking brain injury legal assistance from an experienced attorney. Along with the physical and emotional harm that has been inflicted, these injuries often result in a significant financial burden which a successfully filed civil claim could help resolve.

Source: brainline.org, "What Impact Will Moderate or Severe TBI Have on a Person's Life?", Accessed on Jan. 17, 2018

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