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February 2018 Archives

Grandparents awarded child custody of transgender teenager

In the majority of disputes over who should be the primary caregiver of a child, the parties usually involved consist of the biological mother and father. There are others types of child custody cases, however, and a family court judge is often in the position to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected. South Carolina residents who find themselves in a conflict over these issues may be best served by contacting an attorney before any formal hearings.

Problems with your estate plan can be problems for loved ones

South Carolina readers know that estate planning is a smart step for everyone, regardless of income level or the amount of personal assets. However, having an estate plan in place may not be effective due to mistakes and other issues. It could be beneficial for you to review your plans and take steps to ensure you avoid certain errors in the estate-planning process.

Medical negligence attorneys help settle massive case

Facing a surgical procedure is often an unsettling prospect that can provoke fears of all kinds for patients. In the event a medical provider causes greater harm, South Carolina residents can seek the assistance of medical negligence attorneys. Recently, approximately 260 patients were able to finally settle a case that had begun more than a year ago.

States looking for family to take on child custody duties

The drug addiction crisis has shown no signs of subsiding anytime soon. It appears that no one is immune to the problems it causes, including the youngest victims -- the children of addicted parents. While every state -- including South Carolina -- has been affected to some degree by this harrowing problem, a few states are looking for creative ways to address the issue of child custody for those caught in the middle.

South Carolina officer faces charges after fatal crash

Police officers are expected to uphold the laws that keep the public safe from various crimes and dangerous situations. Unfortunately, there are times when these public servants are suspected of making decisions that actually put others in danger. According to official documents, one South Carolina police officer is now being held liable for causing the death of an innocent resident.

Does your post-surgical x-ray look like it's from a horror movie?

You probably have heard stories about surgeons leaving objects behind in patients after surgery, but you never thought it could happen to you. When you underwent your surgical procedure, you probably trusted the surgical team to do its job correctly, which included making sure that nothing was left in your body that didn't belong.

South Carolina woman still being held for wreck that killed man

Those who ride motorcycles are aware of the many hazards that they face, and most take care to drive defensively. Unfortunately, even the most diligent rider cannot prevent every accident, especially when another motorist is driving while impaired. One South Carolina man lost his life after an allegedly impaired woman struck his motorcycle.

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