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March 2018 Archives

Serious collision between dump truck and pickup in South Carolina

No matter the time of day or weather conditions, drivers are aware that a serious collision could occur in a split second. One recent accident in South Carolina has resulted in two drivers suffering possibly catastrophic injuries. Though the investigation has not been completed, one driver is believed to have been at fault.

Common divorce mistakes that can hurt you in the long run

You and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways. Things did not end amicably, and you both have different ideas about what should be in your divorce settlement. Sometimes, when divorcing couples in South Carolina cannot come to agreeable settlement terms, they end up going to court to have a judge weigh in on the matter. That is okay; you just have to be careful not to make certain mistakes that could cost you in the long run.

County apparently forced parents to sign child custody papers

Every state has laws in place to protect children from abuse or negligence. Along with these protections, there are also specific requirements and procedures that must be followed before parental rights can be terminated. South Carolina parents who are facing difficulties with any child custody issues can seek information from a family law attorney.

Injured workers may need workers' compensation legal assistance

Despite the establishment of a benefits program for injured employees, eligible workers may still not receive the compensation they deserve. When a serious workplace accident results in debilitating injuries, South Carolina workers are assured of the right to seek benefits; however, they may need workers' compensation legal assistance to have a claim approved. After one tragic incident, one man may need all of the assistance he can enlist.

Your family does not have to suffer alone after a birth injury

Birth can be a difficult process for both the mother and the baby, and doctors and other medical professionals bear the responsibility of providing appropriate care. In situations when complications arise, doctors have to decide whether to intervene, and if they do, how to implement the appropriate interventions. Sometimes, these efforts can go wrong and result in serious harm to the baby.

Making the complex estate administration process easier

The death of a loved one is complicated for every member of a South Carolina family. In addition to the difficulty of dealing with the emotions and grief that accompany a death, you may find yourself with the task of administering the estate. Dealing with an estate is complicated, and you may be unsure of where to begin with the administration process.

The divorce process does not have to be emotionally draining

The prospect of ending a marriage can be draining, both emotionally and financially. However, the divorce process does not always have to be quite as exhausting if one can reduce the temptation to become emotionally invested. While it is true that a dissolution is taxing both mentally and monetarily, South Carolina residents can seek assistance in obtaining a settlement that will allow them to meet their financial needs. 

Fatal South Carolina accident claims 3 lives; injures passenger

Life can be inexplicably cut short in the course of an ordinary day. In the wake of a horrific car crash, the lives of several South Carolina families have been forever changed. Police have arrested and charged a driver in the aftermath of the deadly collision.

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