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Common divorce mistakes that can hurt you in the long run

You and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways. Things did not end amicably, and you both have different ideas about what should be in your divorce settlement. Sometimes, when divorcing couples in South Carolina cannot come to agreeable settlement terms, they end up going to court to have a judge weigh in on the matter. That is okay; you just have to be careful not to make certain mistakes that could cost you in the long run.

What mistakes are most commonly seen during the divorce litigation process? Can they really affect the divorce settlement?

Mistake number one: Failing to prepare

When a couple ends up fighting about assets, support or even their children, they need to prepare to defend their positions in court. Most of the time, this requires having sufficient documentation to back them up. The court depends on the information shared in documents and by certain specialists to make their final decisions.

Mistake number two: Personal presentation

How you present yourself in court matters. How you dress, how you behave and how you treat court workers can work against you.

Mistake number three: Making unrealistic demands

The goal in most divorce cases is to walk away with an equal share of assets and -- if applicable -- a child custody settlement that is fair for both parents and best for the kids. Some people believe that, to achieve that equal settlement, they have to ask for much more than they typically would, which is not true. A judge may just end up viewing you as greedy and unreasonable.

Mistake number four: Going it alone

It can be tempting to go through the divorce process without legal counsel at your side, but that may hurt you in court. Not only can an experienced divorce attorney walk you through the process, he or she can help you keep your cool, even when things get rough, and make sure you have everything you need to fight for a fair settlement.

While no one wants to believe that these things really matter, they do. You could find yourself walking away with less than which you are entitled, if you make these mistakes. It is possible to avoid making these mistakes, though, with a little help in your corner.

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