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The divorce process does not have to be emotionally draining

The prospect of ending a marriage can be draining, both emotionally and financially. However, the divorce process does not always have to be quite as exhausting if one can reduce the temptation to become emotionally invested. While it is true that a dissolution is taxing both mentally and monetarily, South Carolina residents can seek assistance in obtaining a settlement that will allow them to meet their financial needs. 

It may ease one's emotional burden if one can try to maintain a logical perspective. While it may be tempting to enter a battle of wills over an issue, it may be more beneficial to agree to negotiate rather than win small victories over a former spouse. Instead, maintaining a broader view of the end result may eliminate the need for a heavy investment of emotions into matters that can be readily resolved. Furthermore, focusing on learning as much about the marital assets and what may constitute a fair settlement agreement may reduce the time required of an attorney or other professionals to conduct a thorough investigation into the marital assets and liabilities, thereby reducing cost of obtaining the desired dissolution. 

It may be beneficial to research whether the timing of a divorce filing is appropriate. For example, if a settlement agreement calls for the sale of a home and either the housing market or economy are sluggish, then the ability to finalize the settlement may be delayed indefinitely. Furthermore, if a spouse is expecting a promised employment bonus or other financial surplus, then waiting to file may make better financial sense.

Lastly, it may be beneficial to limit one's emotional episodes while meeting with an attorney. Emotional turmoil during a divorce is normal, and it is helpful to express the pain and frustration that one is experiencing; however, doing so during billable hours may not be the best use of one's resources and time. South Carolina residents may be best served by seeking the guidance and wisdom of an experienced attorney who can keep the legal process moving forward in order to arrive at the best settlement options possible to meet one's financial needs in the future. 

Source: finance.yahoo.com, "A divorce lawyer shares advice on making the process a little smoother", Lisa Scherzer, Feb. 27, 2018

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