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April 2018 Archives

Car crash could easily lead to a life-changing spinal cord injury

Throughout life, you likely expected certain events to take place that would change your life forever. While some of these events may have been positive ones to consider, such as starting a new career or having a child, you may have instead found your life changed in a way you never imagined. For instance, if you are involved in a serious accident, the injuries you suffered could leave you having to consider your life in a new way.

Distracted driving a major factor in motor vehicle wrecks

Even before the invention of cellular phones, drivers have often allowed activities to take their focus off of the road. Unfortunately, the advances of technology have increased distracted driving -- even though motorists admit it is a serious problem. In an effort to combat this growing problem, South Carolina and other states are looking at ways to educate drivers.

The divorce process may include surprising financial information

Generations ago, many women allowed their husbands to handle the financial affairs of their marriage. In reality, a marriage thrives with active participation from both spouses, especially when it comes to finances. After a divorce is initiated, many spouses may be unpleasantly surprised by the knowledge that their finances were not as solid as they had believed. South Carolina residents who are preparing for a divorce may seek assistance in collecting all relevant information, as doing so can ensure a sound financial future. 

To keep or not to keep: Divorce and the family home

If you are going through the end of a marriage, you may have concerns about how the outcome of the situation will impact your future. With a variety of difficult decisions to consider, divorce can seem a stressful and daunting process, and you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in need of advice.

Jury finds doctor culpable in medical malpractice death

One of the most important relationships in the lives of South Carolina residents is the one they forge with their family doctor. Though the vast majority of patients place their trust in their care providers, that trust can be misplaced when an important diagnosis is missed. Recently, a jury in a medical malpractice case determined that a physician was negligent.

Pet custody becoming major issue for couples during a divorce

One of the most difficult issues for former spouses to agree upon has traditionally been who will get primary custody of their children. Over the past several years, pets have become a major point of contention for couples who are seeking a divorce. South Carolina residents who are struggling to settle this issue may benefit from some tips to resolve any disagreements.

How to help your children through divorce

Like most good parents in South Carolina, your children's best interests are among your highest priorities. When you decided to divorce, you may have intensified your focus on this particular priority. It's no secret that children often take their cues from their parents as to how to react in certain situations, especially those deemed as crises. In short, what you say or do while your children adapt to a new family lifestyle greatly impacts the ultimate outcome of their situation.  

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