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Car crash could easily lead to a life-changing spinal cord injury

Throughout life, you likely expected certain events to take place that would change your life forever. While some of these events may have been positive ones to consider, such as starting a new career or having a child, you may have instead found your life changed in a way you never imagined. For instance, if you are involved in a serious accident, the injuries you suffered could leave you having to consider your life in a new way.

In particular, a spinal cord injury often leads to permanent damage that typically requires you to learn new ways to complete tasks, prevents you from participating in once-loved activities or even leads to a need for continuous care. Because these issues can greatly impact your enjoyment of life and your financial affairs, you may wonder whether a personal injury claim could help you seek compensation for these damages.

Cause of your injury

In order to determine whether legal action could suit your circumstances, you may first want to consider the factors that led to your injuries. If a car accident resulted in the spinal cord injury, you may have grounds to file a claim if another driver caused the accident. It is not unusual for this type of incident to have these outcomes, as motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

During the incident, your spine may have endured a traumatic force that resulted in your vertebrae becoming dislocated, crushed, fractured or compressed. Your injury may also have worsened in the days and weeks following the accident due to swelling, inflammation, bleeding and other issues.

Changes due to the injury

Because the spinal cord controls much of the message carrying between your brain and the rest of your body, a spinal cord injury could easily result in dramatic changes to your body. You could easily lose the ability to control certain bodily functions, such as bladder control, bowel control and breathing ability. You may also face other outcomes, such as feelings of pain, depression and loss of sensation or movement.

After a spinal cord injury, rehabilitation can often help individuals learn new ways to carry out tasks, strengthen abilities and understand limitations. Of course, rehabilitation can often prove costly and time-consuming.

You likely feel as if your life will never be the same after your spinal cord injury, and you may be right. While you could eventually reach a point at which you once again feel comfortable with your life, you may still have lost much of your old ways. Because of these results, you may want to seek compensation from the driver considered at fault for the injury-causing accident for pain and suffering, monetary expenses and other damages permitted under South Carolina state law.

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