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May 2018 Archives

There may be ways to help kids pay for college after a divorce

When a marriage ends, there are many plans that may need to be adjusted. If a couple has children who were hoping for a college degree, then they may be concerned that a divorce will disrupt those dreams. South Carolina residents may choose to consider other alternatives to support their children's aspirations.

Hundreds of thousands of elderly patients hospitalized for falls

Whether it's a parent, grandparent or beloved aunt, realizing that it is time for an elderly relative to enter a nursing home is never easy. Like most responsible people in South Carolina, you probably spent time researching the best possible facilities. Although finances might have hindered your options, you still made the best choice with the information at your disposal. But what if that was not enough to protect your loved one from a fall?

Mother wins medical malpractice suit over infant's death

There are few tragedies in life that can compare to the unexpected loss of a loved one. When a death is believed to have been caused due to medical malpractice, that may only compound the pain. Anyone in South Carolina facing these tragic circumstances has options for legal recourse.

When you can't keep up with child support payments

When you filed for divorce, you knew the court would likely order you to pay child support and were ready and willing to do so because you want what's best for your kids. After all, you were planning to get divorced not abdicate your responsibilities or obligations as a parent. At the time, you were in good health and earning a decent income that you believed could help you provide for your children's post-divorce financial needs.  

Post carefully when discussing divorce on social media

Just a decade ago, most people would use the telephone or social occasions to share news of family events. However, with the advent of social media sites such as Facebook, many people generally update friends and family through posts and photos. When it comes to sharing divorce news, it may be prudent for South Carolina residents to exercise some restraint on these internet platforms.

Bus crash sends several students and adult victims to hospital

One of the privileges of participating in school activities is the ability to travel to other areas for performances and special events. Unfortunately, that privilege can come at a steep price when an unexpected bus crash results in serious injuries. One recent school trip ended with the bus going off the highway in South Carolina.

Schools play role in protecting children in child custody dispute

When parents divorce, children often get caught in the crossfire. One of the most difficult situations to resolve for all involved parties are child custody disputes. South Carolina residents who are struggling to settle these issues can also enlist the aid of their child's school whenever there are concerns for a child's safety.

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