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Post carefully when discussing divorce on social media

Just a decade ago, most people would use the telephone or social occasions to share news of family events. However, with the advent of social media sites such as Facebook, many people generally update friends and family through posts and photos. When it comes to sharing divorce news, it may be prudent for South Carolina residents to exercise some restraint on these internet platforms.

In many ways, social media has completely changed how people communicate with one another. This may be one reason it has become almost commonplace for people to seek public support whenever they are going through a trying time or have news to celebrate. Though the temptation to share news of an impending divorce may feel like a natural thing to do, some professional counselors advise that one wait until any emotional crisis has passed before sharing updates that could be troublesome in the future.

Studies have purportedly shown that those who struggle with emotional stability are more inclined to use social media for support. The act of writing down feelings can be a helpful way to process difficult emotions, and many seem to draw comfort from the response that others provide via social postings. There are many ways to approach announcing a divorce, but it is suggested that one refrain from publicly posting negative aspects of the process or about the ex as these might end up being used in the divorce proceedings.

Social media can be a powerful way to connect with others during both good and bad times. Though some may feel the need to delete their Facebook accounts altogether, social media can provide a healthy way to socialize  after a divorce. South Carolina residents who are ready to proceed with the decision to end a marriage may benefit from the guidance an experienced attorney can provide throughout the process.

Source: theoutline.com, "How do I announce my divorce on Facebook?", Jessica Furseth, May 14, 2081

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