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June 2018 Archives

Tax changes that may provide push to settle divorce this year

The idea of ending a marital relationship is seldom an easy one to accept. There are many reasons why a couple may choose a divorce as their best option when the marriage is no longer workable. However, the upcoming changes in the tax code may provide the impetus needed for some South Carolina residents to seek a decree before the end of the new year.

Concerns that law would increase risks of tractor-trailer crash

According to the South Carolina Trucking Association, there is a looming transportation crisis in this country as more truckers are reaching retirement age. In order to advert interruptions in supplies and keep prices from spiraling out of control, the industry is pushing for changes in a law that addresses the age requirements for cross-country driving. Though a proposed law is being touted as a possible remedy, there are concerns that changing the age will result in an increased risk of a tractor-trailer crash.

Emergency room mistakes and your right to compensation

When a person goes to an emergency room in South Carolina, it is because he or she expects to receive a certain standard of care and help for a serious medical problem. While most emergency rooms are efficient and provide quality service to patients, medical errors -- particularly misdiagnoses -- still happen.

Deadly pedestrian accidents are on the rise

Whether for health, financial or environmental reasons, walking is likely one of your most frequent activities. Unfortunately, depending on when and where you are walking, you could be faced with many potential dangers from negligent and distracted drivers. Accidents involving pedestrians are occurring more frequently and are deadlier than in recent decades.

Worker killed in on-the-job accident when trench collapses

According to federal regulations, trenches that are dug to a depth of greater than 5 feet for construction, or improvement purposes must have proper support structures in place. Sadly, when these vital supports are not used, workers face peril from cave-ins or other hazards. There have been many South Carolina workers who have been injured in an on-the-job accident through no fault of their own.

Man dies after falling several stories in construction accident

The construction of a high rise building requires diligence and expertise in erecting the support equipment that is expected to allow workers to conduct their tasks safely. Unfortunately, not every accident will be prevented, and workers often face the danger of suffering a serious injury or death in a construction accident. Many South Carolina residents have been negatively impacted by these types of tragic incidents.

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