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July 2018 Archives

Injuries on retail property

As summer break nears its end, you may have many items on your to-do list. While you may not yet be thinking of winterizing your South Carolina home or planning Thanksgiving dinner, you certainly have back-to-school preparations to complete. One of the most important tasks on your list is shopping for clothes, shoes and school supplies.

Car crash kills motorcycle driver in South Carolina

In spite of the yearly public service campaigns that are promoted by law enforcement agencies and the highway safety groups, there are countless deadly accidents involving motorcycles and other automobiles. Sadly, many motorcyclists are killed in a car crash that occurs without warning with no time for them to take evasive actions. One South Carolina man recently became the latest victim of this type of accident.

Pressure for some to finalize divorce proceedings increases

There has been a great deal of discussion over the upcoming tax changes that may have a significant impact on some individuals. One aspect of those changes may be exerting pressure on some couples to finalize their divorce agreements before the end of the year. Those who reside in South Carolina may benefit from consulting with professionals over how to protect themselves financially.

If you have to go through probate, what should you expect?

If your loved one passed away, you understand that settling his or her South Carolina estate can be a complex and confusing process. There is much more involved with resolving the affairs of another person than simply selling their things and dividing money. There are various legal steps you may have to take, including possibly going through probate.

Workers injured after fall in construction site accident

One indication of a thriving and growing city is the need for new schools, which also provides a boost to the construction industry. Unfortunately, even the most experienced workers can experience a construction site accident that results in serious injuries. Injured workers who reside in South Carolina do have recourse to the state's workers' compensation program for vital financial benefits.

As a construction worker, am I at risk for an injury?

There is no such thing as a completely safe workplace. However, just because your employers cannot ensure a place of work that is 100 percent free from risks, it does not mean that they are off the hook when it comes to safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires South Carolina employers to provide a reasonably safe environment for their workers.

1 state mulls bill that supports parental child custody rights

Over the past several years, there has been a shift in society that has become more tolerant of those who believe that one's gender is more complex than being born male or female. This has led to controversial cases in family courts regarding the rights of parents and child custody issues. South Carolina has its own laws regarding parental rights and custody of children in a variety of circumstances, though it may be of interest to see whether these types of cases may become more frequent as some states seek to revise their laws.

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