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1 state mulls bill that supports parental child custody rights

Over the past several years, there has been a shift in society that has become more tolerant of those who believe that one's gender is more complex than being born male or female. This has led to controversial cases in family courts regarding the rights of parents and child custody issues. South Carolina has its own laws regarding parental rights and custody of children in a variety of circumstances, though it may be of interest to see whether these types of cases may become more frequent as some states seek to revise their laws.

In this particular case, a 17-year-old girl was turned over to the custody of her grandparents. According to the report, the teenager wanted to undergo hormone therapy in order to help her identify as a male. The teen's parents did not support her decision. The family court judge ordered her grandparents to assume legal custody so she could pursue the desired treatment.

Ohio is now considering a bill that would seek to protect parental rights in these types of scenarios. The proponents of the bill believe that it will protect families from outside interference in personal matters. Opponents of the bill claim that these children are more prone to serious mental health problems when they are prevented from seeking medical treatment to aid them in confirming the gender they choose to exhibit.

A second component of the proposed bill would require educators to inform parents if their child expresses gender confusion. It is unclear what the future of the bill will be, as it has only been scheduled for one hearing thus far. Though this case has taken place in Ohio, the subject of parental rights is becoming a more controversial topic in light of the challenges that have been instigated by those seeking greater acceptance in society. South Carolina parents who are struggling to resolve disputes over child custody issues may benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

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