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New school year calls for united parents in spite of divorce

Each academic year brings new challenges for every child and parent. Even when a divorce has occurred, it is important for children to have the support and discipline from both parents throughout the school year and beyond. South Carolina parents who are united in their goals for their children may help their children achieve lifelong success.

One of the first challenges facing parents is deciding how to meet the expenses associated with a new school year. While major expenditures and costs may have been incorporated into the divorce settlement, other expenses relating to school activities or special supplies may need to be allocated according to each parent's ability to pay. In addition, it is often suggested that children be encouraged to help meet some of the costs of their activities through allowances and extra jobs as a way of learning money management skills.

Along with deciding on how to fund the current school year, parents are urged to work out their goals and expectation with their children. Whenever possible, both parents are encouraged to set similar rules and schedules so that children are comfortable no matter which parent they are with at the time. If this is not a possibility due to an acrimonious relationship, then each parent can clearly communicate his or her expectations to the child so that they are on the same page.

There are tools that parents can use online to help each one coordinate their schedules. In this way special events and extracurricular activities can be covered by one or both parents as the occasion merits. Every family is different and requires different solutions for both the current school year and beyond. South Carolina parents who are struggling to resolve ongoing custody or support issues that may linger after a divorce may benefit from seeking guidance from a family law attorney.

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