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October 2018 Archives

Creating a parenting schedule takes a lot of thought

You want the best for your children. You likely felt this desire from the moment you became a parent. Of course, at that time, you may have envisioned yourself raising your kids with your spouse in the same home. Now that you are going through divorce, you may wonder how you and the children will fare in the aftermath.

Parents in midst of divorce encouraged to remember child's needs

While the country experiences changes in politics and economic conditions, every day life goes on for families. South Carolina parents in the midst of a divorce may tend to lose focus on how their children still want to see their world. In spite of a divorce, most children still desire a close relationship with both parents, regardless of whether their family remains intact.

Veterinarian technicians at higher risk for suffering work injury

Every occupation comes with the possibility of an injury. There are some professions, however, where the risk of suffering a work injury is higher, simply due to the often unpredictable nature of the job. South Carolina workers who have been injured on the job may have recourse to monetary assistance from the state's workers' compensation program.

Provider and patient advocates seek to reduce medical malpractice

The prospect of suffering harm from trusted physicians seldom enters the minds of ailing patients. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 80,000 patients die from medical malpractice in the United States every year. To that end, it may benefit South Carolina residents to seek additional information after receiving any diagnosis. 

Balance issues could impact your life after a TBI

Balance often plays an important role in people's lives. Some individuals may think of creating a work-life balance when this topic comes to mind, but physical balance is also important in life. Without it, you may struggle with simple tasks or find yourself feeling suddenly disoriented, which can prove unsettling.

Divorce can include some unexpected surprises

In the vast majority of situations, the decision to marry is more or less straightforward with the biggest decisions possibly involving wedding plans. When it comes to divorce, though, there may be many surprises for the parties involved. South Carolina residents have state laws to abide by, but along with these guidelines, there are elements that many may not have anticipated.

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