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May 2019 Archives

Man killed after semi truck rear-ends stopped traffic

Traveling along South Carolina highways presents challenges for motorists due to the heavy congestion and endless roadway projects. When the increased numbers of commercial trucks hauling double loads are factored in, the dangers to travelers are multiplied. This was sadly illustrated in a recent semi truck crash that took the life of at least one man. 

What happens after a denied workers' compensation claim?

When you suffer an injury at work or you become ill as a result of your job, you may need financial support to get you through these difficult months. You know you have the right to pursue workers compensation benefits, which is a specific type of support you can seek to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other needs. It can be devastating to learn that your claim came back denied.

Custody of pets in divorce getting more attention from lawmakers

In the United States, pets have become much more than a possession to their owners. In fact, in many homes, pets have taken on the role of furry children. For this reason, the issue of who will retain custody of a beloved animal after a divorce has gotten more attention from lawmakers in several states. Though South Carolina has yet to address the matter through legislation, many residents who are facing a divorce may be worried about who will get custody of a cherished animal.

Doctor's conduct may be key point in medical malpractice claim

When a medical emergency arises, time is often the deciding factor in whether someone will survive. Loved ones are often the greatest advocates in ensuring that a patient receives timely and appropriate medical treatment. Unfortunately, there may be times when a provider's negligence leads to not just the patient, but also family, suffering severe distress. If evidence points to inaction as being a factor in the loss of a patient, then South Carolina patients may have a case for a medical malpractice claim.

Are you the executor of an estate? Here is what to expect

When a loved one passes away, family members or specific people have the responsibility of settling the decedent's estate. In many cases, a person can name someone specific to act as the executor of the estate. This is a person, named in the will, who will oversee the process handling estate matters. 

Factors that need consideration when establishing child custody

When parents decide that a divorce is the best option, there are many issues that need to be resolved. The most important one is settling on the best plan for child custody. In most cases, South Carolina families are encouraged to work out a suitable parenting plan on their own if possible.

South Carolina police set up safe child custody exchange location

There have been many news stories of violence taking place in connection with internet sales transactions. Sadly, there are also reports of deadly incidents involving parents with child custody orders meeting for visitation transfers. In an effort to protect the safety of all of these individuals, one South Carolina police department has established a safe location for custody exchanges and internet sale transactions.

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