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Fathers are encouraged to stay involved in spite of a divorce

It was often assumed that mothers are the most important caretakers. However, researchers are discovering that a father's role is equally important. Sadly, in the aftermath of a divorce, many South Carolina children do not get to spend enough time with their fathers.  

According to studies, in order for a child to reach adulthood as a healthy and well-balanced individual, the importance of a father's involvement cannot be overestimated. The earlier a father gets involved in the hands-on care of his child, the sooner he bonds emotionally and psychologically with that child. In order to protect and nurture that bond after a divorce, professionals state that children need four key things from their parents. The first of these is time.

Children who are raised with both parents taking an active and regular role in their life fare much better than a child who does not. Secondly, researchers claim that children benefit most when parents live within 20 minutes of one another. Otherwise, they may have to sacrifice personal activities and become resentful if they have to travel far between parental homes. Third, children need their parents to provide an atmosphere of positive communication. Parents who refrain from any negative communication concerning their former spouse -- including body language -- help ensure that a child can maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.

Lastly, parents are encouraged to maintain a cordial relationship in order to reduce emotional stress. To that end, it is recommended that parents engage in periodic counseling to facilitate a friendly co-parenting environment. While the economic advantages that fathers provide are important to a child's healthy development, the importance of their presence appears to be just as vital -- provided there are no issues that could threaten a child's well-being. South Carolina residents who are preparing to divorce may benefit from the guidance of a family law attorney in order to find solutions that will best meet their child's needs.

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