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County apparently forced parents to sign child custody papers

Every state has laws in place to protect children from abuse or negligence. Along with these protections, there are also specific requirements and procedures that must be followed before parental rights can be terminated. South Carolina parents who are facing difficulties with any child custody issues can seek information from a family law attorney.

Grandparents awarded child custody of transgender teenager

In the majority of disputes over who should be the primary caregiver of a child, the parties usually involved consist of the biological mother and father. There are others types of child custody cases, however, and a family court judge is often in the position to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected. South Carolina residents who find themselves in a conflict over these issues may be best served by contacting an attorney before any formal hearings.

States looking for family to take on child custody duties

The drug addiction crisis has shown no signs of subsiding anytime soon. It appears that no one is immune to the problems it causes, including the youngest victims -- the children of addicted parents. While every state -- including South Carolina -- has been affected to some degree by this harrowing problem, a few states are looking for creative ways to address the issue of child custody for those caught in the middle.

City makes efforts to ensure safe child custody exchanges

For the majority of parents, ensuring that their children are always safe is the number one priority, regardless of whether the parents remain together. Unfortunately, there are times when child custody disagreements can lead to unsafe situations for both parents and children. In the event that South Carolina families are worried about these matters, they can seek assistance from compassionate professionals.

Should IQ be a consideration in child custody matters?

There are many reasons why a parent may find themselves fighting to retain their parental rights -- either because of a divorce or allegations of abuse or neglect. However, there are reportedly many parents who find themselves fighting for their child custody rights even when they do not pose a danger to their children. There may be families in South Carolina who face these difficult situations simply because they suffer from intellectual disabilities.

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