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Divorce can impact retirement dreams in several ways

The ending of a marriage can be an exhausting ordeal. The divorce process can take a toll on financial dreams if one is not able to make decisions objectively. South Carolina residents who are going through a divorce are encouraged to carefully review settlement proposals to ensure that retirement dreams are not shattered. 

Parents in midst of divorce encouraged to remember child's needs

While the country experiences changes in politics and economic conditions, every day life goes on for families. South Carolina parents in the midst of a divorce may tend to lose focus on how their children still want to see their world. In spite of a divorce, most children still desire a close relationship with both parents, regardless of whether their family remains intact.

Divorce can include some unexpected surprises

In the vast majority of situations, the decision to marry is more or less straightforward with the biggest decisions possibly involving wedding plans. When it comes to divorce, though, there may be many surprises for the parties involved. South Carolina residents have state laws to abide by, but along with these guidelines, there are elements that many may not have anticipated.

New school year calls for united parents in spite of divorce

Each academic year brings new challenges for every child and parent. Even when a divorce has occurred, it is important for children to have the support and discipline from both parents throughout the school year and beyond. South Carolina parents who are united in their goals for their children may help their children achieve lifelong success.

Researchers claim that a divorce can be contagious among friends

There are many reasons why a marriage may not last. Researchers from several universities recently released their findings concerning how a close friend's divorce may impact the lives of others in their social circles. South Carolina residents who are on the verge on filing for divorce may have been influenced in ways they did not consider.

Donald Trump, Jr. and wife close to reaching divorce settlement

Whenever celebrity or power couples announce that their marriage has come to an end, it is common to hear that the two sides are preparing for a protracted battle. In many of these situations, there are children involved, and a custody dispute can be a root cause for a contentious divorce. However, not every dissolution results in a years-long process, and South Carolina residents can seek the guidance of professionals in order to resolve these disputes as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Pressure for some to finalize divorce proceedings increases

There has been a great deal of discussion over the upcoming tax changes that may have a significant impact on some individuals. One aspect of those changes may be exerting pressure on some couples to finalize their divorce agreements before the end of the year. Those who reside in South Carolina may benefit from consulting with professionals over how to protect themselves financially.

Tax changes that may provide push to settle divorce this year

The idea of ending a marital relationship is seldom an easy one to accept. There are many reasons why a couple may choose a divorce as their best option when the marriage is no longer workable. However, the upcoming changes in the tax code may provide the impetus needed for some South Carolina residents to seek a decree before the end of the new year.

There may be ways to help kids pay for college after a divorce

When a marriage ends, there are many plans that may need to be adjusted. If a couple has children who were hoping for a college degree, then they may be concerned that a divorce will disrupt those dreams. South Carolina residents may choose to consider other alternatives to support their children's aspirations.

Post carefully when discussing divorce on social media

Just a decade ago, most people would use the telephone or social occasions to share news of family events. However, with the advent of social media sites such as Facebook, many people generally update friends and family through posts and photos. When it comes to sharing divorce news, it may be prudent for South Carolina residents to exercise some restraint on these internet platforms.

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