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Doctor's conduct may be key point in medical malpractice claim

When a medical emergency arises, time is often the deciding factor in whether someone will survive. Loved ones are often the greatest advocates in ensuring that a patient receives timely and appropriate medical treatment. Unfortunately, there may be times when a provider's negligence leads to not just the patient, but also family, suffering severe distress. If evidence points to inaction as being a factor in the loss of a patient, then South Carolina patients may have a case for a medical malpractice claim.

Ignoring medication inserts may constitute medical malpractice

The vast majority of physicians may tend to ignore the package inserts that come with prescription medication. While they may seem to be provided as a legal protection for pharmaceutical companies, one professional advises that providers pay close attention to these inserts to prevent medical malpractice. South Carolina residents may benefit from paying attention to these leaflets as well.

Provider and patient advocates seek to reduce medical malpractice

The prospect of suffering harm from trusted physicians seldom enters the minds of ailing patients. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 80,000 patients die from medical malpractice in the United States every year. To that end, it may benefit South Carolina residents to seek additional information after receiving any diagnosis. 

Family wins medical malpractice suit over woman's disability

When one comes down with a serious illness, medical providers are trusted to find a remedy that brings relief and healing. Unfortunately, that trust can be misplaced when a doctor fails to properly diagnosis or treat a patient, which can result in serious and permanent complications. South Carolina residents who have been victims of negligent care may have a basis for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Studies suggest medical malpractice increases in the afternoon

Workers seem to exhibit a decrease in alertness and productivity in the afternoon hours after lunch. While this does not pose a serious problem for many professions; for patients, afternoon sluggishness could result in critical mistakes. South Carolina residents who are preparing for a routine procedure are encouraged to schedule it for earlier in the day to reduce the chance of becoming a medical malpractice victim.

Mother wins medical malpractice suit over infant's death

There are few tragedies in life that can compare to the unexpected loss of a loved one. When a death is believed to have been caused due to medical malpractice, that may only compound the pain. Anyone in South Carolina facing these tragic circumstances has options for legal recourse.

The divorce process may include surprising financial information

Generations ago, many women allowed their husbands to handle the financial affairs of their marriage. In reality, a marriage thrives with active participation from both spouses, especially when it comes to finances. After a divorce is initiated, many spouses may be unpleasantly surprised by the knowledge that their finances were not as solid as they had believed. South Carolina residents who are preparing for a divorce may seek assistance in collecting all relevant information, as doing so can ensure a sound financial future. 

Jury finds doctor culpable in medical malpractice death

One of the most important relationships in the lives of South Carolina residents is the one they forge with their family doctor. Though the vast majority of patients place their trust in their care providers, that trust can be misplaced when an important diagnosis is missed. Recently, a jury in a medical malpractice case determined that a physician was negligent.

Medical negligence attorneys help settle massive case

Facing a surgical procedure is often an unsettling prospect that can provoke fears of all kinds for patients. In the event a medical provider causes greater harm, South Carolina residents can seek the assistance of medical negligence attorneys. Recently, approximately 260 patients were able to finally settle a case that had begun more than a year ago.

Some South Carolina veterans may have been harmed by VA policies

Those who have served their country deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, especially when it comes to providing ill and aging veterans with appropriate medical care. Unfortunately, it has come to light that the Veterans' Affairs hiring practices may have placed veterans everywhere, including here in South Carolina, at risk. There are now repeated calls from congressional members to revise the agency's policy of hiring medical providers with licensing issues.

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