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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Drunk driving in South Carolina can lead to serious consequences

Young people are taught from an early age that drinking and driving is a recipe for disaster. In South Carolina, drunk driving can result in either a serious crash or other severe consequences for the driver or for innocent victims. There are a range of penalties for drivers who violate these laws based on the number of charges or level of intoxication.

Teen driver charged after fatal crash in South Carolina

Those who have limited driving experience are often categorized as a risk factor for causing traffic accidents. As a result, many insurance companies charge higher rates for young drivers, especially male drivers under 25 as they often engage in riskier driving habits that pose a threat to others on the road. Unfortunately, that has been illustrated once again after a teenager has been charged following a fatal crash in South Carolina.

Car crash kills motorcycle driver in South Carolina

In spite of the yearly public service campaigns that are promoted by law enforcement agencies and the highway safety groups, there are countless deadly accidents involving motorcycles and other automobiles. Sadly, many motorcyclists are killed in a car crash that occurs without warning with no time for them to take evasive actions. One South Carolina man recently became the latest victim of this type of accident.

Distracted driving a major factor in motor vehicle wrecks

Even before the invention of cellular phones, drivers have often allowed activities to take their focus off of the road. Unfortunately, the advances of technology have increased distracted driving -- even though motorists admit it is a serious problem. In an effort to combat this growing problem, South Carolina and other states are looking at ways to educate drivers.

Fatal South Carolina accident claims 3 lives; injures passenger

Life can be inexplicably cut short in the course of an ordinary day. In the wake of a horrific car crash, the lives of several South Carolina families have been forever changed. Police have arrested and charged a driver in the aftermath of the deadly collision.

South Carolina officer faces charges after fatal crash

Police officers are expected to uphold the laws that keep the public safe from various crimes and dangerous situations. Unfortunately, there are times when these public servants are suspected of making decisions that actually put others in danger. According to official documents, one South Carolina police officer is now being held liable for causing the death of an innocent resident.

Intersection danger: Is your family at risk?

Anytime you travel on a South Carolina road (or any other road in the nation, for that matter), you're at risk for an accident. Whether you are the one behind the wheel, are sitting in the backseat as a passenger in someone's car, riding a bicycle or taking a stroll across town, there is an obvious inherent risk associated with all forms of road navigation. According to the National Safety Council, some road locations are more dangerous than others.

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